EGO ZT4201ES Z6 Zero-Turn Ride-On Lawnmower 107cm (Side discharge, Mulching plug) (Bare Tool)

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EGO ZT4201ES Z6 Zero-Turn Ride-On Lawnmower 107cm (Side discharge, Mulching plug) (Bare Tool) 

The superb EGOZT4201E Z6 Zero-Turn has a 107cm pressed steel cutting deck. It is capable of side discharge, and comes with a mulching plug.

The new steering wheel ZT4201ES further expands the EGO Power+ ride-on range. Featuring an innovative steering wheel and cruise control - the ZT4201ES delivers the equivalent power of a 22-horsepower petrol engine, with none of the emissions. With its 107cm cutting deck, the ZT4201ES covers up to 10,000m2 on a single charge with six 12Ah batteries*. You can tailor the combination of batteries exactly to match the size of your lawn, and to how you prefer to cut your grass.

The Z6 is a one-of-a-kind electric ride-on mower. Equipped with Peak Power™+ technology, it can accommodate up to 6 EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries, thus offering power equivalent to that of a 22 HP combustion engine and allowing you to mow up to 12,000 m² in one go. charge.

Ultra fast, the 1600 W charger fully charges 4 x 10 Ah batteries in just 2 hours. It can even charge six batteries simultaneously. Thanks to its balanced and low profile design, the Z6 ride-on mower hugs the contours of the ground. With a 360° turning radius, it can take extremely tight turns. Whatever the terrain, the hydraulic seat suspension ensures a smooth ride at speeds of up to 13 km/h.

To obtain a perfect cut, the user can adjust the cutting height with one hand in 10 positions, from 2.5 to 10 cm. He can also choose the management of his mowing waste: side ejection, mulching or grass catcher. An intuitive LCD interface allows you to customize mowing according to three driving modes: Standard for everyday use, Controlled to protect the lawn and Sport for precision cuts in tight turns. A Bluetooth connection makes it possible to control the mowing parameters and the charge of the batteries on a smartphone, and to update the functionalities.

Well in its time, the mower has a compartment to put the phone and a USB charging port, as well as storage compartments. And to complete the work in the garden after dark, 32 high-intensity LED lamps provide quality lighting.

* Run time may vary based on the batteries used, charge level of batteries, condition of grass and user’s operation technique. The Z6 needs a minimum of 15Ah to function.

Specification EGO ZT4201ES Zero-Turn Ride-On Lawnmower 107cm:
* Number Of Blades: 2
* Cutting Width: 107cm
* Steering: Steering Wheel
* Speed: 5-13 Km/H
* Deck Lifting: Manual
* Cutting Height: 25mm-100mm, 10 Settings
* Functions: Mulch, Collect, Side Discharge
* Rear Collection: 230l
* Seat Suspension: Hydraulic
* Weight: 196kg
* Domestic Warranty: 5 Years
* Professional Warranty: 1 Year

The T4201ES includes:
* ZT4200E-S Ride-on mower
* CHV1600E 600W Charger
* AB4200 Blades x 2
* AMP4200 Mulch plug