EGO PGX1400PB PGX Power Bank w/ IOT

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The EGO PGX Power Bank uses the energy from the EGO Professional 40Ah High Capacity Battery to charge any of EGO’s portable ARC LithiumTM Batteries. This provides professional users with super-fast, efficient charging for all day working, and reduces the need to carry more batteries.

Advanced Connectivity: Connect the PGX1400PB to the PGX1600E-H 1600W Power Hub for fast charging over the network. The IoTcable data connection transmits charging information through the PGX Hub, allowing you to monitor and optimize your operations.

Stackable Design:
Save space with the stackable design, which allows you to organize your space efficiently and keep everything in order.

Charging System Expansion:
Easily connect multiple PGX1400PB devices to the next charging peripheral to infinitely expand the charging system, adapting it to your growing needs. And if you need to charge more than 2 batteries at the same time, you can easily connect it to the three-slot PGX3000D

Optimized Portability:
Equipped with carrying handles, the PGX1400PB charger offers maximum convenience. Easily move the energy you need where you need it, without complications.

The LED Charging Status Indicator allows you to easily monitor charging status, staying informed about your available energy level is simple and intuitive, ensuring you're always ready for work.

* Provides 2 x 700W charging ports for any EGO 56V ARC LithiumTM Batteries.
* LED indicator shows charging status.
* Includes handles for ease of transport.
* Stackable to save space.
* Connects to PGX1600E-H 1600W Power Hub for on grid fast charging.
* IoT wired data connection. Relays charging information via PGX Hub.
* Connects with the next charging peripheral to expand charging system indefinitely.
* Wall anchor point for storage and safe transport.
* Physical anti-theft device.
* IoT wired data connection. Relays charging information

* Input Voltage / Frequency : 56V
* Charging Sequence (If Multi-Port) : Parallel
* Max. Charger Length (mm) : 518
* Max. Charger Width (mm) : 417
* Max. Charger Height (mm) : 408
* Charger Weight (g) : 17600