EGO LBP8000E Premium Cordless 56v Back Pack Blower 1360m3/h

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Challenging tasks require great performance. And that is exactly the challenge for the LBP8000E battery-powered backpack blower. The world's first blower using "Peak Power" technology with two batteries. At a maximum air flow of over 1360 m3/hour. no leaves or other impurities stand a chance. During a *two-hour working time on one charge of two 5Ah batteries, you can clear a large area. *Up to, depending on conditions and usage style.

But there is much more that this intelligent and powerful blower can do. A quiet, brushless motor directly drives a high-speed turbine capable of giving the air in the nozzle the speed of a landing airliner. It has significantly lower vibrations compared to gasoline blowers and a much quieter operation. A comfortable, ergonomic and padded back harness evenly distributes the load of the machine on the shoulders of the user, which makes the blower the ideal machine for the most demanding applications.

Backpack blower or blower LBP8000E - Professional, carried on the back, extremely powerful and reliable battery blower with variable control of air flow speed with the possibility of fixation and "BOOST" mode - enhanced flow up to 1360 m 3 /h at speeds up to 260 km/h . The intelligent "PEAK POWER" technology perfectly takes care of the balanced consumption of energy from two power batteries, even if each one is of a different capacity.

Professional surface cleaning requires a powerful and reliable machine. A tidy lawn in autumn in castle gardens, parks or gardens is usually covered by a layer of fallen leaves from the surrounding trees. Or clean sidewalks in cities, areas of hospitals, schools and other institutions sensitive to noise, free from the remains of cut grass and other impurities. That's exactly the job for this back blower. Thanks to the powerful turbine and increased "BOOST" mode, the backpack AKU blower blows air at a speed of up to 260 km/h.

It is even able to reliably "blow away" even a layer of light, freshly fallen snow from sidewalks or parking lots. For comfortable work , the machine is carried on the shoulders of the operatorand the comfortable harness perfectly evenly distributes the weight of the batteries on both shoulders. The entire machine is perfectly ergonomically balanced for easy handling . The large-capacity exhaust tube with the option of using a flat nozzle easily directs the crew to the exact spot.

The handle is lightly placed on the tube in such a way that it adapts to each user's figure and is equipped with a safety lock , which guarantees the immediate shutdown of the machine in case of release. A switch is located on the handle, which ensures a smooth and gradual start of the machine when pressed, and a fixator for arresting the currently set speed. The "BOOST" button is located in the upper part of the handle within finger reach and there is an easy-to-read display with a battery status indicator.

Thanks to the pleasant control handle covered with softened rubber, holding and controlling the blower during work is very stable, safe and comfortable. Any battery from the EGO range can be used to drive the blower and, for example, two 5.0Ah batteries will allow you to work continuously from 15 minutes in "BOOST" mode up to 120 minutes in standard mode. Our EGO Power+ 56V Arc lithium batteries will provide you with enough energy to drive a sufficiently powerful and efficient carbonless electric motor with a direct drive to a high-speed turbine . The machine is extremely quiet. Low weight, spread over the operator's shoulders, comfortable grip and easy handling make this blower a real "professional" both for the company and for municipal services.

Specification EGO LBP8000E Premium Cordless 56v Back Pack Blower 1360m3/h
Air flow max. 1360m 3 /h
Air flow speed "BOOST": max. 260km/h
Force at nozzle exit (N): max. 26
Speed Control: Variable
Motor power: 1100w
Engine type: 56V, carbonless
Noise level 83dB(A)

Operating time - 2.5 Ah battery - 7 - 60 min.
Operating time - 5.0 Ah battery - 15 - 120 min.
Operating time - 7.5 Ah battery - 20 - 180 min.
Operating time - 10.0 Ah battery - 30 - 240 min.

Charging time - 2.5 Ah battery
Charging time - 5.0 Ah battery
Charging time - 7.5 Ah battery
Charging time - 10.0 Ah battery

Fast charger - 30 min., Standard - 50 min.
Fast charger - 40 min., Standard - 100 min.
Fast charger - 60 min., Standard - 145 min.
Fast charger - 70 min., Standard - 190 min.

Weight without battery 6,2kg
Harness: padded, double-armed

The use of two or more batteries to power battery technology places high demands on the batteries, and especially in the case of energy-intensive machines, the batteries are under an extraordinary load. This requires a way to optimize the draw from individual batteries so that there is no uneven overloading of only some batteries at the expense of others. This is taken care of by the control unit, which completely automatically ensures balanced consumption and dosing of the supply current depending on the current state of each of the supply batteries. During operation, the control unit evaluates the current state of each of the batteries and doses the machine's power so that the batteries are loaded evenly.

The same is true when charging multiple batteries together in the charging multibox, where up to 6 EGO batteries can be charged together at the same time. The control unit "reads" each battery and evaluates its current state of charge. Accordingly, it proceeds to gradually charge the batteries from the most discharged until the charge level of all batteries is equalized and then continues to evenly charge all batteries until fully charged.