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A newly designed pressure washer by EGO to ensure high-performance cleaning to tackle a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks.

Powerful Cleaning with Impressive Water Pressure
Engineered for demanding tasks, the HPW2000E cordless pressure washer delivers a substantial water flow rate of up to 450 liters per hour and can reach a water pressure peak of 3200 PSI. This makes it an ideal solution for dealing with stubborn dirt and stains on various outdoor surfaces.

A Range of Nozzles for Every Cleaning Challenge
This versatile pressure washer includes multiple nozzles (Turbo, 15°, 25°, 40°), allowing for a customizable cleaning approach suitable for different surfaces such as patios, vehicles, or garden furniture. The variety of nozzle options enhances the HPW2000E’s ability to handle diverse cleaning situations.

Attachments for Enhanced Cleaning Experience
The HPW2000E comes with several useful attachments, including a soap-dispensing detergent tank, an extendable lance, a hose reel for convenient storage, and a foam-producing brass cannon. These attachments add to the washer’s functionality and user convenience.

Flexible Water Source Connection
For areas lacking a direct water connection, the HPW2000E cordless high pressure washer includes a siphon hose, which is a practical solution for drawing water from alternative sources like buckets or tanks.

Kit for Immediate Use
The HPW2000E cordless pressure washer kit comes with two 7.5Ah batteries and a rapid CH7000E charger, the HPW2000E is ready to meet a variety of cleaning needs and provides extended use and convenience for larger projects.

EGO HPW2000E Cordless Pressure Washer Kit Technical Information
Working Pressure: Max 200 bar
Actual Water Flow: Max 450 L/H
Weight: 15kg
Nozzles included: Turbo, 15°, 25°, 40°
Batteries and charger included: Yes, as part of the kit