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Billy Goat BCR3628BVECE Outback® All Terrain Garden Tractor / Ride-On Brush Cutter

Original price £14,230.00
Original price £14,230.00 - Original price £14,230.00
Original price £14,230.00
Current price £13,310.00
£13,310.00 - £13,310.00
Current price £13,310.00

The Billy Goat Outback® 4WD Rider has been designed with a low centre of gravity in combination with a four wheel drive system that enables it to tackle those hard-to reach areas that wouldn't have been accessible to traditional machines. The machine has been made for cutting through overgrown brush, fields, clearing meadows or hiking trails.

The spacious platform provides sufficient space and comfort for the operator. The heavy duty mower deck has a cutting width of 92cm (36") and is equipped with swing-back cutter blades that swing away when accidental contact is made with a solid object. These features help protect the mower deck and cutter blades from accidental damage. The height of cut is adjustable in five positions between 35mm and 135mm.

Billy Goat Outback® ride-on brush cutters have set the highest standard for professional brush cutting equipment on the market. The new Outback® 4DW Rider continues to expand the Billy Goat line-up. Look no further than the Billy Goat to cut meadow and brush the easy way.

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